Guide to recording a podcast with zoom

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recording a podcast with zoom

Using zoom calls to record podcasts is becoming more and more popular. It is a great way of getting a guest who is too far away to meet with. The problem with zoom is the quality of the recording is poor. There are a couple of settings you can change in your zoom account in order to improve the quality and get files that are much more editor friendly

Record Separate audio files

By default zoom will record 1 track, this prioritises the speaker and can often led to 1 speaker being cut off. Having separate tracks gives more control in podcast editing and unwanted noises or crosstalk can be removed easily. For this setting it is important that at least one participant wears headphones, ideally both people wearing headphones will avoid any feedback and give a cleaner sound.

  • To set this up, open your the zoom desktop app and click the settings icon:
    Recording a podcast with zoom
  • Go to recording and make sure the record separate audio file for each participant is turned on:
    Recording a podcast with zoom

Use Original sound

This feature records audio at a higher quality.

  • Log into on a browser
  • Go to settings – In Meeting (Advanced)
  • Turn on “Allow users to select original sound in their client settings

Zoom podcast better audio quality

  • Open your zoom desktop app, in settings go to audio and select “Show in-meeting option to enable original sound”

Podcast zoom better audio quality

  • Once your start your zoom meeting your guest will now have an option on screen to enable original sound. This is located in the top left of their screen. Make sure your guest turns this on at the start of the conversation:

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