We provide fully professional podcast editing and management services. Your package can be custom designed to suit your needs and budget. We are fully licenced with Adobe Audition and Pro Tools licences, as well as a range of high end plugins for processing and mastering. We create a custom made audio chain to process each podcast, this includes a full analysis of the recording and application of effects and plugins to get the very best sound out of your recording. Below is a full list of services we can provide for podcasters.

Podcast Launch Service

Get your podcast listed We have helped to launch a number of podcasts from the ground up. Don’t waste time trying to figure this out for yourself and get set up immediately with our help. Here’s what we provide to help launch your podcast:

  • Suggest equipment and home studio set up (if required)
  • Source and suggest theme music
  • Script and create podcast intro and outro
  • Create Artwork
  • Help set you up with a host package that suits your needs
  • Produce podcast trailer as a pre launch episode
  • Get your podcast listed on itunes, spotify, google podcasts, tunein, stitcher, youtube, soundcloud and all other major platforms


Professional Editing & Mastering

All our packages include the following as a base service:

  • Full listen through and removal of unwanted parts and distracting errors
    before and after visual of audio once we apply professional tools and techniques
  • Insert of intro and outro
  • Precision music editing in time and on beat using BPM grids for seamless transitions
  • Noise Reduction
  • Removal of loud plosives
  • Room reverb removal
  • Compression
  • EQ & De-ess
  • Use of forward selling clips for sell what is coming up on the episode or future episodes
  • Mastering and levelling to podcast loudness standards
  • ID3 Tag editing
  • Episode artwork creation / editing

Video Editing

If your podcast is recorded on video we can provide a video editing service and publication as part of our package. Many podcasters now conduct interviews on skype or zoom, these conversations can easily be edited together and uploaded to youtube as a video podcast. Here are some examples of videos we have edited for podcasters:

Teasers, Promos, Trailers

We provide bespoke / custom made audiograms, trailers  and promos for podcasts, one of the best ways to promote your content is by using a short clip with some visuals to direct potential listeners to your show. We can create videos that will fit with your brand. Below are some samples of promos and trailers we have created for podcasters:

Publishing & Management Service

Let us take control of the management of your podcast. We can handle all uploading and scheduling of episodes. Giving you more time to focus on recording great content!



If you have any questions on any of the above services or if you want us to build you a bespoke podcast package, please send an email.

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